January 1, 2018

Welcome to Fan.tasti.que' in 2018!

Hey everyone, have a successful 2018 and welcome to my blog!

You may have noticed big changes here. I recently decided to start all over with my blog - at 115k views.

I have not been updating it for quite a while now, plus I was a bit unsatisfied. I mean, all the posts I wrote in the last few years do not represent me properly anymore. My personality did change a bit, especially when it comes to personal health, the environment and my interests. Yet, I kept some of my old posts which are kind of crucial and important to me and this blog, but from now on stay tuned and have fun discovering a not so different girl!

The last three years were a burden to me in so many ways. I still have not decided which career to choose, I have financial and health problems, I am living on my own with two adorable cats which are hard work for real and I honestly miss my deep relationship with my boyfriend. Do not get me wrong, we are still a couple, but I had to move out and get myself an apartment. Now it is just that I do not see my boyfriend that much anymore. That is a serious issue, especially for me - thanks to my several mental illnesses.

Yes, I was diagnosed with a few of them in the last two years, after struggling for a decade. My mental and physical health were not important in my teenage years, so I had to cope with my mind on my own. But now I am seeing a psychiatrist regularly and I am on medication. I would not say I feel better but some days the pills are able to numb my feelings a bit. If you have any questions about (my) mental illnesses - feel free to contact me. I am actually a nice person and, even though I dislike people in person, I do not mind talking to others online. Just be aware that sometimes I just will not reply for five months straight.

So - regarding my blog - I am going to get personal. You will read about my interests, products I like and dislike, people, blogs, companies and organizations I want to share with you, tips on life in general, and whatever comes to my mind. You can further follow me on instagram (@greenmindedgirl) where I post different photos every now and then. Also feel free to add me and my blog on bloglovin'! I also have some twitter and tumblr accounts, but I would like to keep those private.

That is actually everything for now. I look forward to many more views, new readers and keep in mind - my inboxes are always open for you!

xxxx Aga

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