January 10, 2018

50 (Random) Facts About Me - 2018 Version

Greetings, dear readers!

Thank you so much for 116 000 views! I apprechiate every single one, as it helps me to grow bigger.

It has been quite a while now since I shared recent information about me on here. Especially considering that I unpublished around 93% of my posts you may not know me well, yet. I would like to introduce myself - again - with 50 personal facts you may need to be aware of. I am sure there are people reading this who still know the 2013 me, and I wish those and all the new readers out there a fun and interesting time going through the facts and figures which define me in 2018. If you would like to know what represented me in 2013, please visit 50 (Random) Facts About Me!

  1. I was born in Poland, but moved to Baden-Württemberg/Germany at the age of three.
  2. Currently I am living in Bavaria/Germany.
  3. I am very proud of being born on Earth Day.
  4. Eco-consciousness is a big part of my life, including the zero waste lifestyle.
  5. Zero waste is something I definitely want to achieve, but I am far from perfect. It is a gradual transition and you have to dedicate a lot of time and attention to actually change your lifestyle.
  6. I have quite a huge amount of relatives with four of them being my siblings. One is my beloved twin sister KayKay. I adore her.
  7. Another person I really love and care about is my boyfriend. I am taken for almost three and a half years now, hoping for our relationship to last forever.
  8. I had to discontinue my studies because of financial issues.
  9. My mobile is still always on silent and I barely read messages or respond to them. [sorry]
  10. I have two rather private twitter accounts.
  11. Instagram famous? I wish! No, but really, the majority of my followers are inactive, so yeah, I am far from famous. 
  12. Mental illnesses I have to struggle with are depression, emotionally unstable personality disorder/borderline personality disorder and stress which led to binge eating and obesity. It is intensely complex and a cycle I still cannot step out of.
  13. My sleeping pattern is also very distorted, so I need to take sedatives.
  14. Psychosomatic pain really bothers me in daily life, but I don't want to take pain relievers. Meh.
  15. Black cats are fascinating. That is probably the reason why I have two of them. The female one is one and a half years old and the elder, male ball of fur is three years old now. I added pictures of them at the top of my post.
  16. My ideapad S206 by Lenovo is still working and I am just using it as I am writing this.
  17. I am planning to start a career in media or science.
  18. There are two human beings out there who I call my best and only friends. Both are female. Love you, Jess and Tamara!
  19. Living on one's own is the worst. At least for me. I am pretty unable to be alone. Running an apartment by myself is so much work I just cannot do on my own - I do not want to think about the financial stress that is put upon me constantly.
  20. I dislike my body and how I look after gaining half of my original weight within last year.
  21. New year - new me? No, not for me. I will not change just because a new year started.
  22. Actually I am a person who dwells on the past. I hate changes, which I always try to avoid, so even turning older makes me feel awful.
  23. Speaking of feeling awful, my mental state is in a bad condition. But I sure try to find positive things in life.
  24. I am a very logical, rational, radical thinker, open-minded and liberal. And friendly.
  25. You probably would not speak to me in person because it is quite rare that I interact in social ways. I am an introvert, a very extreme one.
  26. Conversely, sharing emotions and thoughts online is like therapy to me. As long as I do not see my audience in person it is fine, I guess, though you are still welcome to reach out to me.
  27. I have been to a System Of A Down concert in June 2017. I was there on my own - which was a huge step for me - and I was able to meet John and Shavo backstage. I have never felt better. Honestly. I yearn to meet the rest of the band, too. Hopefully.
  28. This year I am going to see Fall Out Boy, thanks to my amazing twin sister KayKay!
  29. There is also the possibility that I might see Lana Del Rey with my best friend Jess. Fingers crossed!
  30. I feel old.
  31. Sims 3 is life. If there is anybody willing to send me stuff or a friend request, here is my account.
  32. Creativity is one of my rare talents. Honestly, I have depicted so many paintings in the last few months that I could start selling them.
  33. Money is a big, negative issue for me. I am struggling with financial problems which make my life so much worse. I am in debt and will most likely stay there for the next years.
  34. Reading books is my only real hobby, so keeping this blog should help me with doing something useful throughout the day.
  35. I use menstrual cups, cloth pads, reusable steel straws and other utensils to avoid disposables and waste.
  36. Tamsin from EcoFluffyMama is the sweetest blogger I got to know. She was the one who made me try out menstrual cups for the first time - I won a giveaway hosted by her. Head over to her blog, she has got some great articles worth to read!
  37. I can be a little bitch sometimes - please forgive me, Korin!
  38. Oranges and ice cream are my all time favorite foods.
  39. Derealization is inhibiting my daily life every now and then.
  40. I smoke, but it happens so rarely that I do not consider myself a smoker.
  41. Meanwhile I got pierced a few times. Lower lip, nostril and several ear lobe piercings were added to my collection.
  42. I was able to make my dream of colorful hair come true. I am lavender-haired right now, though I need to bleach my roots again, so I might wear a blue head of hair, soon.
  43. Socializing is pointless and stressful, in my opinion.
  44. You cannot consider me a vegetarian or vegan, but I barely eat meat, although I consume milk, eggs and cheese twice to thrice a week.
  45. Whenever I go grocery shopping I buy organic and/or minimal waste. I avoid big companies like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, P&G, Pepsico, Mars, etc. with all their subsidiaries.
  46. I wanted to live in a historically important era, but having the right-wing scene gain popularity was not exactly what I wanted to experience.
  47. I am pretty interested in web design and I might do that as a job. Media and marketing are fields I can see myself working on for a long time. Those combine information technology and creativity.
  48. On the other hand I would love to study in the science sector - physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and of course mathmatics.
  49. This took me half a night. I am not so creative when it comes to my person. Still, I hope you enjoyed this!
  50. I wish my blog becomes somewhat near popular. This is actually a really big wish. Maybe I can succeed this time.

When you made it to the end I want to thank you very much for reading through the whole list! Push a button below, whether you liked or disliked my post and please leave some feedback. Link your own 50 facts blog posts in the comments below and I will make sure to read all of them!

See you soon,
xxxx Aga

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