January 7, 2018

Last Friday Night - Jan 5th, 2018

Hi whoever just reads this!

Nice to meet you, kind of. To those who know my blog from the past years, you may still remember my Last Friday Nights! To the new readers out there, here is a quick explanation: I like to post a list of things I did on my last Friday night every now and then. The list is basically always the same, there are specific topics I give an answer to, very diverse, and they sort of describe my Friday evenings.

January 5th was the last day of my Christmas/New Year vacation [by the way, have a successful, peaceful and pleasant New Year 2018!] - except from the weekend afterwards - so I was able to spend my day however I wanted to. My dearest best friend Jess was so generous to ask me out on a date and we did indeed meet that evening. That may be recognizable in my following answers. Enjoy the read!

Seen: This time I did not see any movies, but my perfect friend Jess [better than any movie!]. It is impossible for one not to admire her splendid air and miscellaneous virtuosity. I have to admit, I adore how she expresses herself and her feelings just as much as her appearance.
Read: My blog actually. I had to decide which posts I am going to keep online because some of them are okay for me to uphold.
Heard: Miley Cyrus' new album Younger Now. You have to be honest, she did mature a lot, remembering her MTV VMA performance with Robin Thicke in 2013. Actually, there are more artists who left their craziness, kind of infantile immaturity and got out a great album in 2017! I might blog about those grown up musicians, probably reviewing some of my recent favorite LPs.
Done: As I mentioned earlier, I was out with Jess. We spent almost six hours together at our local McDonald's - I'm not very proud of choosing a fast food restaurant, but it's our usual spot to meet and apart from that, I barely eat out at fast food places.
Drank: Hot milk chocolate. Plus a few sips of my friend's coke.
Thought: Actually, throughout half of the date with Jess I had to think about the complicated, but educational years I spent at school, until eventually graduating. Since then my life kind of went downhill. School was on of the constant, absolute anchors I lost in 2014. Honestly, I yearn to go back and enjoy my life once again.
Wished: Whenever I am around Jess I strongly wish to just look half as good as her. She is perfect, really.
Annoyed by: My life, obviously. It is tiring to see others handle their life way better than I do.
Excited by: Jess. No explanation needed.
Clicked: While being with friends - it does not happen often at all - I try to stay offline. And since I was out for almost six hours there was simply no time to go on blogs or instagram, the internet overall. And let me tell you, I appreciated being offline for a while.

Now chances are very high that you precisely know how my last Friday night was like AND that I truly love my best friend. Do you also have a sweetheart to call your friend who is always able to make you feel better? Text or call to tell them how important they are to you!

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xxxx Aga

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