August 18, 2014


Dear readers,

lately I haven't been feeling good and I am still laying in bed. I am sick and my stomach hurts really bad, especially whenever I drink or eat. On Sunday I was out with a friend and we spent the whole night together. Yesterday, that means on Monday, I was really motivated and therefore I've been jogging for about one and a half hours. My kind of personal coach told me it is about duration, not distance when it comes to jogging. And now I try to run on a low pace. I'm bound to say, I feel incredibly amazing now. I also lost around one and a half kilograms within the last two days, even though I rather eat in a normal way. I hope to stay motivated in the next few days, weeks, etc. because I am trying to lose further few kilograms. I've been stuck on a specific weight and it is actually really hard for me to lose weight, even if it is only like one kilogram. By the time my scale showed me that I am a little bit lighter again, I was instantly motivated. Hopefully I stay in such a good mood. Right now I am listening to Ed Sheeran's album X (it is pronounced multiply) and this is the actual reason for this post. I fell in love with all those songs.

xoxo Aga

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