January 19, 2018

Give Your Food a Hug!

Do you know the struggle of cutting a lemon or cucumber in half and then you forget about it in the fridge? You find it a week later rotting away, maybe even being covered in mold. If you identify with this story I would love to show you how to avoid this! I introduce to you a green and reusable way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, plus diminish the amount of food waste overall - keep reading!

Two years ago I was in the exact same situation - my avocados and limes were going bad because I did not want to use cling wrap (plus, avocado toast was not a daily treat for me!). Back then I was already eco-conscious and hated to produce waste. I only had a little bit of space in the refrigerator, so putting my fruits and veggies in bowls or on plates was not possible. Eventually I decided to search the web for solutions to save food from getting spoiled. Let me tell you, I hit pay dirt! The most beautiful and handy tools were: Food Huggers!

They come in various colors, from green, to purple, red and blue! And they also carry a set of two green Avocado Huggers for when you do not finish the whole fruit. Those are shaped with a pocket for the pit, but you can also push it in when you have got the half without the pit left. I purchased one of those, plus a green pack of four (which is now a fresh greens five pack). Food Huggers are so convenient! You are able to reduce your plastic and food waste in a easy and neat way. Made out of 100% BPA and Phthalate free food save silicone you can always use it for cut fruits and veggies and to cover open tins, cans or jars without a lid.

I even use them to cover my drinking glasses whenever I have one around my cats, so they will not knock over my beverages - it works pretty well! If you have curious kids at home, Food Huggers are a safe and eco-friendly way to cover glassware and small containers. And they work great on fresh food. Whenever you have a tomato, zucchini, apple or pitahaya laying around cut in half, just put it into a fitting Food Hugger and you can store it on the counter, in your fridge or even in your freezer. They come in different sizes so it is possible to cover almost everything. Visit their official website to learn more about their products. And if you are interested in getting Food Huggers for you AND your friends, they offer a great bundle!

What do you use to reduce your plastic and food waste? Have you ever thought about using something else than saran wrap or freezer bags to store fruits, vegetables and open cans and jars? Let me know in the comments!

xxxx Aga

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