March 11, 2021

Spring is here giving us some good ol' D!

    Hello and welcome to my first impressions of this year's spring!

Photography of a path leading into a forest with a colorful banner edited on top saying "Spring is here"
... let's get out of the seasonal depression!
It has been a long, dark and lonely winter. Corona made it worse for most of all. The opportunities to meet people, to meet family and friends during the holidays, to just go out and eat at a restaurant or go shopping at a mall were not available for many. I, for my part am familiar with being alone and staying at home. But the gloomy winter days still take a toll on my mental health, every single year, as my depression gets worse in the cold and dark season.

That is why my mood is always skyrocketing as soon as the first warmer, sunnier spring days come around. Please do not get me wrong, I would not say that my depression is gone, not even in summer. But the warm rays of sunlight are soothing for my mind and I can let go of the winter's nadir. Although I struggle a lot with thoughts of hopelessness and worthlessness, spring is usually the season for me to just implement a little bit of positivity into my days.

If you are looking for a little bit of an inspiration to enjoy the first rays of sunlight please keep reading!

February 24, 2021

Yet Another Update

    To all my dear readers: hello and welcome back to my blog - and my mind!

It has been a while, as usual. I still struggle with my mental illnesses, especially with the demons in my head which make life not enjoyable at all. Fighting against those voices in my head is tiring and energy-consuming. That is the reason why I often need to take a break from social media and my blog, unfortunately.

Those of you who follow me on here or on my instagram or any other social network may already know this. Due to recent events (which are not so recent, it has been a full year already) I decided to step back from instagram by deactivating my account. But, this decision will not prevail ad infinitum. In fact, plans to reactivate my account were already made, I am currently just waiting for my energy to skyrocket.

    Sharing my thoughts is my main goal for this blog

Being the rational person I am - apart from the mental illnesses I struggle with - I know that most people do not care about me. After all, I am just an adultescent (adult in name only with the mind of a teenager and unfortunately the body of a senior) with a rather boring life. Stating that less than a handful of people show long-term interest in me, my life and what I write about is adequate. But still I feel a need to share what is on my mind.

I could not care less about how many views my posts get, although it makes me beyond happy to see that real people read my blog. Do not get me wrong please, I would love my blog to be successful and reach a huge mass of people, as some of my posts are informational and maybe even helpful for others, but I do not write solely to gain fame or fortune. You may have noticed that I do not make money with this, I do not run advertisements on my blog and I am not sponsored by any brands or people.

This is just what I like to do. Sharing my thoughts is in a way therapeutic for me. And I love being creative. Another activity I adore is watching cats on the internet and if you fancy doing that, too, then please continue reading this post - you might spot two cuties!

July 13, 2019

Plastic Free July - Environmental Impact of Plastics


Photo of colorful plastic waste on a sandy beach with the title of the post written in white on it (Plastic Free July - Environmental Impact of Plastics)

Hi my green- and open-minded readers!

I am currently watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix and to be honest, I cannot stop thinking about an important issue regarding us all. Microplastic debris - plastic particles smaller than five millimeters in size - is harming wildlife all over the planet. Especially sea life is affected.

Last year researchers found out that marine mammals stranded around the British coast most likely indirectly ingested plastics by consuming contaminated prey. For your information, the source of the scientific report is added to the bottom of this post. Out of 50 individuals from ten cetacean and pinniped species all were found to contain plastic. In the aggregate, they detected 273 pieces of plastic, 261 of these are classified as microplastics. One juvenile short-beaked common dolphin was found to even contain a green netting - a macroplastic. [1] If you are keen on learning more about this topic feel free to continue reading.

June 23, 2019

Rainbow Pride Month Hair feat. Headshot


blurry picture of a woman with Rainbow Pride Month Hair written on it

Hi there!

Although the following review sounds too positive to be not sponsored, I assure you that this is only my own opinion and I purchased everything on my own. It is a genuine recommendation of mine without any affiliation.

Some of you already know that I love to dye my hair all different colors on the visible spectrum. Similar to my love for making art, it is a way to represent myself and free my mind, which is hindered to flourish due to my mental illnesses. Being able to make my outer appearance match the brisk, vivid, colorful feelings I yearn for is helping me to cope with not being able to experience happiness and blitheness. I am not afraid of looking non-standard because I believe that it is crucial to be unique and always true to oneself. It is important to me to play out individualism, no matter what others say. And to be honest, I have almost always gotten positive feedback for my colorful hair. In fact, some people tend to say they would love to be as brave as me and dye their hair, too. All I can say is: DO IT. Do not look back, enjoy yourself and always remember: hair grows back. But I genuinely recommend to go to a hairdresser, at least for bleaching your hair. I do it at home, but sometimes I wish I would have gone to a coiffeur because I lost a huge amount of length. On the contrary dyeing one's hair with semi-permanent hair colors is way less, probably not at all damaging and can be easily done at home. If you are interested in colorful hair perfect for pride month please keep reading!

June 11, 2019

COOP+DAISY Skincare Review

Hey everyone,

you may have already read about my latest skincare routine. One of the products I use almost everyday is the COOP+DAISY Fresh Glow Jelly Cleanser. I found it a few months ago at TK Maxx (4 fl oz / 128 mL for 5,99 €) searching for a smooth and gentle cleanser. It smells very mild, a bit acidic, yet delightful. And I do feel like it is able to take off the dirt and pollution on my face, though I do not use it for removing makeup. Whenever I double cleanse with oil first, I use this jelly cleanser afterwards and it works perfectly.

the label on the back of the COOP+DAISY fresh glow jelly cleanser bottle showing the ingredients and directions
COOP+DAISY Fresh Glow Jelly Cleanser ingredients

The ingredients list is not too long - a huge purchasing factor for me - and it does contain a few beneficial chemicals. While glycerin and aloe vera juice are hydrating to your skin, it does not contain harsh surfactants, such as SLS or sodium laurate, but a milder one called Polysorbate 20. Basically it is a good cleanser for dry, dehydrated skin and my face tells the same. I like to massage it into my skin and get rid of sebum and dirt, without drying out my skin - all in all perfect. If you are excited to learn more about COOP+DAISY products click below to read the full post!