February 14, 2018

The power of love is that it sees all people.

  ― DaShanne Stokes

Today is Valentine's Day which is a holiday splitting the population into two parties each year, one that enjoys this day with their significant other, whereas the other part is frustrated because they feel like they have no one to love them. One way or another, you can always spend your day with your friends and family. Personally I think it would be easier if there was no Valentine's Day - there are too many people who suffer from not experiencing love on that specific date. This desperation can cause strong feelings of loneliness and depression, sometimes even leading to homicides and/or suicides. It clearly shows that a day for lovers does not spread love evenly. You should spend every day caring for your significant other, your family and friends. And just because you do not receive the amount of love and attention you think is suitable for Valentine's Day does not particularly mean you are not loved. I am sure every person is loved. Perhaps you are not told that every single day, but there are people who do not want to live in a world without you. I can luckily count the deaths in my personal surroundings - from family, to friends and even acquaintances, people I had only met briefly - on two hands and let me tell you, I still think of every single person every now and then. Please keep in mind, you are not going to be alone today, call a friend or someone you have not seen for quite a while and meet up. Maybe they were about to spend the day alone, too. Show them you care and you will receive attention and (platonic/friendship) love in return. Besides, do not link loneliness on Valentine's Day with failure - you are still a worthy, precious human being. Reread this post's headline, it is a very accurate and important quote. Internalize it. Have a happy Valentine's Day and focus what is important in life:

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