February 2, 2018

02 | sky

The topic for today's picture is the color explosion above our heads. I actually love to take photos of the sky because when you look up you never see the same clouds and colors. For me it is simply fascinating and truly unique - every single second. Sometimes I feel like I am watching a painting slowly move and deform into another one. To be honest, I could stare into the sky all day long - and all night long, too! So, it really is my number one theme to add to my camera roll and the following photo is my most favorite one at the moment. I shot it in December on my way home when it was cold, but still sunny. Enjoy!

Can you spot the moon?

Are you rather a morning, noon, evening or night sky watcher? And during which season do you prefer to take photos of the blue above your head? Tell me in the comments below!

xxxx Aga

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