February 1, 2018

01 | green

Usually Photo-A-Day challenges contain the topic red. Just search for images about it and you will find lots of lists starting with this color. But me and my blog are different! I identify as a green-minded girl, so my daily photo challenge begins with the color green. It is not particularly meant to depict the color, but to focus on eco-friendliness. And I am sure that the following picture is indeed showing both the literal and figurative meaning to it.

Let me introduce you to the greenest way to drink your Mojito: with a reusable straw! My favorite alcoholic beverages are Piña Coladas and Mojitos (thanks to my twin sister KayKay) and it just looks so much cooler to drink them with a stainless steel straw! There are also reusable drinking straws made out of bamboo or glass, but for me the ones made out of steel are long-lasting, durable, break-proof and I like how they look. You can buy them online, there are quite a lot of shops offering reusable straws in many variations. The eco-friendly lifestyle get more and more popular, therefore you can also find those in zero waste/bulk stores and shops selling domestic and kitchen supplies.

Do you use reusable straws for your drinks in restaurants and bars? Or do you just simply order your beverages completely without plastic? Comment below and let me know if you are interested in reading more about reusable options for straws and other daily utensils. I would love to write a detailed post about it.

Cheers and have a nice day!

xxxx Aga

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