January 25, 2018

A Photo A Day Keeps Your Blog Cliché!

Hi everybody!

I am going to start a photo a day series next week in February after doing one back in August 2013. To be honest, I do not feel like it was almost five years ago, that is almost a fourth of my years of existence so far. But I remember Summer '13 and it was pretty fun to share a picture every single day for a month, receiving feedback and new readers. Obviously I do not have as much time on my hands now as I had then. Going to school was so much easier and consistently pleasing, whereas work is hard and exhausting. But that is life and I cannot change anything about it, so I rather try to accept my fate as an adult.

Anyway, I created a photo challenge list for my own - as seen below - and you are absolutely allowed to join me! Post your pictures to instagram and tag @greenmindedgirl or bring off your own blog posts and include the link in the comment section below and I will check out your images! February is the shortest month, but this photo series is hopefully enhancing the appearance, as well as increasing the audience and range of my blog. The list contains a few eco topics I am definitely going to talk about, several nature themes and a bit of personal content. Altogether this should be worth continuing to read my blog next month. Of course feedback is very much appreciated, praise and critics likewise. Depending on how much readers I can gain within the next six to eight weeks, there will be a giveaway after the Daily Photo Challenge - so keep reading to be up to date!

See you next week for the first photo!

xxxx Aga

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