April 14, 2012

Review: Hit Me Like A Man (EP)

Here's a review of The Pretty Reckless' EP "Hit Me Like A Man".  It contains five tracks, three of them are new song and the other two ones are just live versions. It was released on March 6, 2012 as an extended play (Interscope Records). You can buy it on Amazon, iTunes and Amazon MP3. More informations about it on The Pretty Reckless' page!

So the track list is:
  1. Make Me Wanna Die (live)
  2. Hit Me Like A Man
  3. Under The Water
  4. Since You're Gone (live)
  5. Cold Blooded
I personally like all songs, but the new ones are really amazing! I'll tell you something about the songs. :) "Make Me Wanna Die" was recorded live on tour (I don't know where it was), and you can hear the fans singing the chorus with Taylor Momsen. I really like Make Me Wanna Die as a record, but live it's even more perfect, although I can hear a bit (not sure), that this live version was autotuned in several parts, but there isn't needed any autotune, I love Taylor's natural voice! "Hit Me Like A Man" is my favorite track from this album! It's really powerful and Taylor's voice is strong. The melody is amazing, the message is rough (I hope it's just a metaphor, "Hit me like a man, love me like a woman" doesn't sound that positive), tbh I like everything about this song. The next song on the album, "Unter The Water", is rather a slow, sad song. Taylor sounds really broken, hurt, and so do the lyrics. A lot metaphors and paraphrases are used to rewrite the feelings (I think they are the feelings of the songwriters which are here: Taylor Momsen and Ben Philips). I like listening to this song when I'm sad, it's pretty. And I also like this song, because it's one of the rare slow songs by TPR. Well, the next song is a live version again, it's "Since You're Gone" which was recorded on tour in London. To be honest, I don't know if there is a studio version and I don't know this song eigher. But it sounds wonderful! Not many singers can keep up with such a perfect voice! And the last song, "Cold Blooded" is a fantastique duett between Taylor and Ben! Their voices sound really really good together! And the lyrics are kind of true and the instrumental solo at the end is amazing! I could listen to this all day. :)
Well, I just can suggest you to listen to these songs! The only negative thing about it is the fact, that it's just an extended play and they just added three new songs. But these songs are amazing, so there's nothing else to say than: it's a masterpiece!

xxxx Agnes

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