June 27, 2013

Good Bye, Google Reader. Hello bloglovin'!

Some of you have possibly already heard that Google Friend Connect (or the Google Reader RSS Feed) will shut down in a few days, to be exact on June 30th. And therefore I want you all to know how to follow me anyway!
There are a lot of services to follow blogs. I personally like bloglovin' most! (But you can also follow me via Blog-Connect, which is more of a German site)
Here's how to import your GFC reading list to bloglovin'.
First (you have to have to be signed in) go to
and then click the "Import from Google Reader" button. It will not take much time, of course it depends on how many blogs you are following.
The layout is really neat, clear plus it is simple and plain!
I hope you are following me on one of those sites so you won't miss a new post!
I wish you all a wonderful day.
xoxo Aga  ♥

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