April 14, 2013

What happened to the old Fan.tasti.que' header?

Where did it go? That's indeed a good question. In case you are wondering, here the short explanation:
I edited the header because one blogger on Blog-Zug.com gave me the advice to make my own header instead of just a text headline. So... YES I HAVE A NEW HEADLINE! It looks quite fantastique, how do you think about it? Does it look okay or is it too overdone? I would appreciate every single comment and every single positive and negative point of criticism. You can also use one of the buttons below to show me whether you like it or not!
Hope you like it anyway!
xoxo Aga


  1. Ich mag den Header,aber ich liebe ohnehin Weltall Bilder....das ist so schön weit weg :D

    Liebste Grüße

  2. Ja, das stimmt, vielen Dank! :) Ich kann mich Deiner Meinung nur anschließen!

    xoxo Aga


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