April 27, 2013

Last Friday Night - 26th of April

Hello my lovely readers,

I thought it is a great day to write another Last Friday Night post. Anyway today's a blogging day. I have nothing to do, the weather is ugly and I am ill. Yes, I woke up with a blocked nose and actually my lungs hurt because of all the coughing. And I'm really bored, so blogging sounds good to me.
Yesterday was a quite nice day. It was sunny (I got sunburned on my left shoulder only!), school was great, I met a friend again and of course, I wasn't ill yet. But now I am and therefore here's the LFN post :)

Seen: A political discussion on the internet for school.
Read: An extract from ZZ Packers "Drinking Coffee Elsewhere" called "I think it's the Architecture".
Heard: R.E.M. - Losing My Religion
Done: Completely nothing.
Drank: Oh, I think only took a sip of strawberry-flavored water...
Thought: About every single topic of which you can think...
Wished: To be thinner.
Annoyed by: My body.
Excited by: My friends, I love them.

Clicked: Several blogs, for example:

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