April 19, 2013

It's Earth Month!

And because of this fact NASA put together some Earth Science Highlights on their website HERE! It's a pity that some people don't care about our nature and planet.
I hope you are not belonging to those people. And if you do, I hope that you change your mind. Here is a nice video I found on a blog by a blogger I got to know yesterday. She is also supporting actions to help the planet and HERE'S what she did. I love this video! Apparently the posts are written in German but the video is English.
Watch it and share it!
By the way, her other blog is The Anna Diaries, maybe you know her already? If not you can check out her blog, it's really gorgeous, but it's also in German.
Aaaaand btw, she is also supporting the Hic et Nunc Society, which means here and now (Latin at school ftw). It also appears on this video. At this moment I am checking out this website, it seems very interesting.
Further I also want you to take part in THIS, I'm going to put more information in my following post!
I hope to post more in the future and with that I also hope that you are going to support those actions and read through the blogs or watch the video and of course you should watch the video! :)

xoxo Aga

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