April 30, 2013

How to: Get from dark to teal hair

So, as I already have told you about it I now finished my post about dying my hair. I'm going to show you the products I used and I made a picture of some photos which show my hair and the steps of dying. By the way, my sister was doing all the dying work because I wouldn't make it on my own. Enjoy it!

What I used:

  1. Blond Me Premium Care Developer 9%/30Vol. by Schwarzkopf Professional
  2. Capelli Biondi Blondierpulver (bleaching powder)
  3. Alterra Feuchtigkeitsspülung (moisture conditioner)
  4. Alterra Feuchtigkeitskur (moisturizing hair mask)
  5. Blonde conditioner/treatment by Schwarzkopf
  6. Directions semi-permanent conditioning hair colour | Flamingo Pink by La Riché (actually I haven't used this one)
  7. Directions semi-permanent conditioning hair colour | Atlantic Blue by La Riché
  8. Disposable gloves
  9. Bowl and tint brush

That's how the developer and the bleaching powder look mingled, a very nice light blue tone, which actually smells aggressively. My sister mixed it in a ratio of 1 to 2 (powder:developer).

And here the picture of how my hair went greenish turquoise/teal:

As you can see I first took a photo of my natural hair (which looks really long, tbh). Then there's a picture of how my sister applied the bleach to my hair. I think she made this very professional, it was quite even, unbowed. Then three photos of my bleached hair, which came out in a rather golden blonde shade. And more or less in the middle you can see a photo of my wet hair on which my sister already applied the Atlantic Blue semi-permanent hair dye. It came out as a greenish color as you can see in the pictures afterwards. But I do like it anyway, it kind of looks like mermaid hair and reminds me of Lady Gaga's teal hair. Worth mentioning is the fact that my hair got not destroyed at all. I was afraid of bleaching it, tbh because I didn't wanted my long hair to be ruined, but my hair-ends are still as well as before. I thought of dying my hair blonde again in about one to two months and then applying another color. Therefore I will buy more hair dye, for example by La Riché again, Manic Panic or Crazy Colours.

I hope you like my hair as I do and don't forget to stay tuned for more information! Tell me your opinion about it in the comment box below. I would appreciate this :)

xoxo Aga


  1. Nicht schlecht, doch der Übergang sieht ein bisschen zu krass aus :D Wäre bestimmt besser gewesen, wenn du den Grünen Farbton oder die Blondierung ein bisschen Strähnchenversetzt gemacht hättest als eine gerade Linie - aber ich glaube das ist geschmackssache ;P

    (ich weiß, alles englisch, aber ich bin zu faul)

    ich folge dir jetzt mal, sieht so aus als hast du einen etwas-anderen Blog, als die meisten anderen zur Zeit - I likeee!

    Liebe Grüße lass ich dir mal da^^

    1. Dankeschön, ja hätte ich machen können, aber ich wollte das ehrlich gesagt zuerst ausprobieren, also nicht zu viel und vor allem so, dass ich es abschneiden hätte können, wenn meine Haare kaputt gewesen wären. Aber danke für dein Feedback :)

      Awww das ist lieb von dir, dankeschön! Ich habe jetzt auch deinen Blog auf bloglovin' gefolgt, da mir dein Blog auch sehr gut gefällt :)

      Liebe Grüße zurück!

      xoxo Aga


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