April 17, 2013

Earth Day 2013 ♡


As you may already know I love to support environmental protection actions and therefore I subscribed to a newsletter by Earth Day Network and they send me an e-mail just a few days ago and that's the content:

Dear Friend,

Earth Day - April 22 - is fast approaching. With environmental disasters escalating and international climate change talks at an impasse, your participation is needed now more than ever. Momentum is building as more than a billion people prepare to participate in this annual day of environmental action. Earth Day Network and its partners are working around the clock to connect thousands of events around the world and build a global mosaic depicting The Face of Climate Change.

Photos for The Face of Climate Change mosaic and stories of people taking action are pouring in from all over the world! See the recent campaign updates and upload your photos to be shown at Earth Day events across the globe. The best photos could win Earth Day merchandise and be featured on our website. CLICK HERE.

And here is what I want to add to this: 
I would be soooooo happy and would appreciate if you take part in this.It is not difficult, just upload a picture of you including your face in it and hold up a sign that says "The Face of Climate Change."!

Please share this we've only got four days.

Lots of love, Aga. 


  1. Sorry, habe beim Zug dein KOmmentar nicht gesehen :) Das video darfst du gerne posten und auch verlinken. :) das ist sinn der sache

    1. Kein Problem :) Dankeschön, werd ich machen, weil ich das schon als wichtig erachte, und dadurch, dass es englisch ist, passt es auch super zu meinem Blog ;) Danke nochmal!
      xoxo Aga


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