February 20, 2013

Save Our Planet ♥

As the headline of this post already tells this one is going to deal with saving the planet, our home, the nature, the environment! A few days ago I was in mood to search for simple ways to help the planet. I've found like a houndred websites with tips how to reach that. One of these was 50 Ways to Help the Planet. It is an excellent site.

Wire&Twine, the owner presenting this site did a great job! Those tips are shortly recapped, which I think is helpful because in my opinion people wouldn't read through a super long text. Well, and I did read all those 50 ways and since I have read them I noticed that I do care a lot more about it. I've always been a person to try to be more ecoconscious. But to be honest, now I am even more. I turn off the lights whenever I don't need them and save energy when I'm able to. I try to eat less meat AND I told my mom not to buy only turkey breast, but the whole turkey because my geography teacher told me that the rest of it is going to for example Africa where the people get it on the cheap and the poultry farmers there can't sell their turkeys that easy anymore because they are way too expensive. Therefore those farmers have to find another money source and in some of these cases they make use of the slash-and-burn method on parts of the forest for agriculture to plant food or cash crops to eat or sell and as you maybe know the soil, especially in the inner tropics loses its minerals after one, two, rarely three years and therefore they have to move further and destroy the woods again and well the more people do that the more plants will disappear. And this affects our climate! Sorry for rambeling on, I found this necessary to mention :)
So, I also try not to produce much waste, I try to reduce, recycle it and I even buy biological wrapping and products. I reduced my water consumption, too! I do like taking baths and showering long but that is going to stop now! Besides I try to wash my hair every second day. That means I just started today and hopefully I'll be successful. Before I was washing my hair every day because it gets greasy really fast. But since I am using organic and vegan hair products it got a little better and that's why I want to see how it will be not washing it every day! Furthermore I just bought two bottles of hair shampoo by Yves Rocher which is called to be organic. It is an Ecolabel certified Radiance Shampoo! So I want to see how good it is because it also helps our planet. I bought two bottles of it and so two trees are going to be plant, which is a great action I think! I'll give you a review about it in several weeks so guarantee to continue reading my blog!
That is what I wanted to tell you. Please take care of the nature, every single one of us needs it! I want to give my best to save it AND move others to take action, too! The more people are joining to help the more we are going to reach together!
Take a step towards ecological awareness. NOW.

xoxo Aga

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