February 4, 2013

Halftime Show Super Bowl XLVII

I've watched the whole Super Bowl XLVII and found it really exciting, especially after the halftime show and the electricity cut, which was both really amusing! The Super Bowl is getting more and more comprehensible as I watched it another time this year. So the performance of Queen Beyoncé was a masterpiece! She has sung brilliant titles like Crazy in Love, End of Time, Baby Boy, Love on Top and the closing song Halo and she even performed with her both former bandmembers from Destiny's Child Bootylicious and Single Ladies! I liked it a lot! I guess she made a lot efford to make it that special. It was a wonderful show with excellent singing which was way better than last year's, the performance and dancing was fabulous and all in all it was perfect! Congrats for such an amazing job you did, Beyoncé!
HERE you can watch the show again and you can read through the critics to it on Rollingstone.com or NYDailyNews.com!
xoxo Aga

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