January 7, 2013

New Fragrance ♥

Last week on wednesday I got my new perfume by Yves Rocher. I ordered the Noix De Coco De Malaisie | Malaysian Coconut EdT (100ml, 3.4 fl.oz.).
It came with an, in my opinion, cute package which is just a paper box with nothing written on. I made several pictures, you can view them below. The perfume's botanical key, as they call it, is malaysian coconut. I bought it because my sister already has had it for like a year and it smells so good! It's very intensive and lasts for a whole day! And I wanted to get a fragrance which is not disappearing after like an hour.
So, I am really glad to have it. Another aspect why I got it is the fact that it contains absolutely no animal ingrediants, so it's vegan and this is a strong argument for me. I take care of only using vegan products, but of course I can't bring this off with every product. So I am happy to know where I can get vegan products by - Yves Rocher.
With this post it is recommended by me to all of you, check out the stores and the website and help to make our world better by buying vegan products! It is also better for you to use plants ingrediants based ones, you should follow that in any part of your lifestyle.
So, back to my fragrance. It is a wonderful scent and it is very intensive, strong without being like nasty or disgusting. I do recommend it to you if you don't like perfums smelling like roses or those "usual" flowers or spice.

My sister told me not to use it everyday because, as she says, it can get boring. I am very pleased about owning it and I think about buying more fragrances by Yves Rocher.
xoxo Aga

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