January 14, 2013

How-to: Get Healthier Hair

Since I was trying to dye my hair blonde after I dyed it brown, dark red, dark lilac, black, etc. my hair was really destroyed, dry and it looked very bad. So I decided to search for some tips and developed my own ways to get healthier hair.
First of all I dyed my hair back to brown to fit my roots because, tbh, my hair looked like sh-t. Sorry to say that, but it was true.
Well, and then I started to repair them. Here are my tips:
  • Don't use silicons: That means, very easy, don't use any hair products with silicons. It may look shiny and healthy but it is not repaired at all. First your hair's going to get dryer, but trust me, after a few weeks of using silicone-free products it will be strong and shiny again. To fasten that up just use vegan conditioner. Vegan products, mostly, do not contain unhealthy ingredients for your hair, so look it up, just takes you like five seconds and your hair will be thankful for that ;)
  • Avoid heat in any way: My hair is cool, literally, because I'm never using hot water to wash it, I let them dry in the air instead of using a hair dryer (except when I need to really really really hurry up) and I neither use a straightener nor a curling iron. And this really prettified my hair, it got stronger and it's not that destroyed and dry anymore. Heat is the only that is very harmful to you. I want to avoid it so that my hair won't be damaged more. Try this tip out, girls!
  • Let your hair be independent, but make out some limits: Means that you should leave it open as often as possible. A very helpful method. Your hair won't break that easily and of course, wouldn't you be happier to be free than tied up? But don't let it grow without limits. Cut the hair-ends every 3 to 5 weeks, it's up to you how much you want to cut off, I guess that depends on how often you cut them. But I recommend you to cut them, I experienced that your hair will grow faster when you are cutting the split ends off as regular as possible. Therefore it's understandable that your hair gets more and more healthier! Last but not least, my last tip:
  • Give your scalp a treat: Take a hairbrush and brush your hair at least once a week. Or even massage your scalp with your fingers. Do it when you have time, e.g. while watching TV, before going to the bathroom or whenever you have time! This will help to make it stronger, healthier and shinier (be careful, this can make your hair look greasy). And when you don't feel like doing it (because the TV show is too exciting), ask your partner, husband, boyfriend, whoever you want, to help you with that! Btw, girls, you may also do your boys that favor ;)

Nevertheless there is one particular way to avoid destroyed, dry, pale hair AND skin - eat healthy.
Try those methods and I hope they can help you, no matter which hair structure, -length or color. Have success by trying these, they helped me a lot!
xoxo Aga

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