January 26, 2013

Chanel Couture SS13 - The Forest of Karl's Imagination

According to an interview, Karl Lagerfeld used his imagination to create this wonderful Chanel Couture SS13 collection. The set, a sandy path laying in a forest with trees even reaching up to the ceiling, was breathtakingly magical, as I've seen it on TV a few days ago. It is a total opposite of the Haute Couture SS12 collection, which was rather extravagant and heavy. This time Karl used lighter cloths, fewer sequins and less colors – to create a wonderful collection. It was a rather black and white line, with several golden or (dark) shades and accents, which did make the show undescribely gorgeous and mysterious. There was kind of love in the air, it was like a modernized, fashionable medieval fashion show. (Oh, I am really glad to post a real fashion article again, I merge in this specific topic!) But he also used (floral) patterned cloth which was rather not explodingly colorful.
The dresses were stunningly beautiful, but as soon as you know who created them, it is clear they HAVE to be such marvelous pieces. Karl of course made them special, but wearable! As he tells the clothes are light and that's why they are not longer just for the runway! Nowadays rich women will buy 30 dresses instead of just five many decades ago. I agree on that, but some of them are better to be worn as gowns for special events or evenings! Also the makeup was on the one hand not very extrateresstrial and typical for a haute couture show (compared to the Vivienne Westwood models' makeup), but on the other hand it was still special because I surmise that only several women would wear this look in daily life. I also liked the shoes - thigh-high boots with open-toes.
As an ending two twin-style brides being robed in natural, clear white gowns with a young boy on their side showed up, which made the show complete. Karl also looked fantastique with his black outfit and his fingerless net-gauntlets, which also had an influence on this collecton. All in all I do like this Chanel Haute Couture line, on the one hand it does remind me of a good, pious, cautious, lovely but also shy woman, but on the other hand that woman seems like she is trying to escape from this image, wants to be free, herself, she is a strong personality but still niet (I did recognize this most notably on Lindsey Wixson who perfectly wore this idea!).
I love what Karl created, it is an image which should be lived by women. Looking shy and good, but be herself a strong and free woman!
Celebrities like Katy Perry and Alexa Chung followed this marvelous show!

Visit the following link to see the looks of the catwalk!

Catwalk Chanel Couture SS13

xoxo Aga

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