December 24, 2012

Maths ♥

Having a chilly evening at home is the best what I can actually do. I am about to proof a thought about maths, which I got on tuesday at school. Right now I re-thought my system of solving squares of complex numbers, I got three new assumptions and am proofing the latest one of examples because the ones before were wrong or to say it better they didn't work on all examples. So it is a bit complicated but I hope for a good grade in my mathematics seminar :)
Among this I am drinking self-made latte macchiato and am surfing through facebook which is actually good for not ending up in frustration because one solving isn't working. But I love maths, tbh, and it is really interesting. My solution formula is atm working on every complex number exept on one, but the numbers I got are squared not the complex number for which I want to calculate those, so I guess there is the mistake. Anyway I am trying to find this error to make my solution formula complete or improve it to write my kind of extra additional seminar labor :)
You can clearly see the difference between the both photos, the one I took after continuing my work and the other one before I stopped to go to bed, I mean, it's already half past two in the night! I hope you have a great evening/night, too! :)

Btw, it's CHRISTMAS EVE :3
xoxo Aga

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