October 17, 2012

Top10 - Songs on my mp3-player :)

I am really really sorry for the fact that I haven't posted anything for like three weeks, but I'm very busy due to school and I have less opportunities to write post on a computer/laptop so I thought of writing them on my phone and editing them at school (my PC is veeeeeery slowly and my sister doesn't allow me to use her laptop anymore). When I have lessons until 5 p.m. I can of course work on the computers in the school library, so as far as I don't need a whole hour to for example do research for homework I can edit my posts and publish them. But I will basically write them on my phone :)
I hope you still read my blog regularly and I'm again sorry that the last contribution on my blog was posted on the 1st of October!
So, today I'm going to write about music. I am the total opposite of a "very latest songs" listener, I usually neither watch TV nor listen to the radio and that's why I often present older songs. I also do that, because some of them aren't that known and of course I can tell you a bit more when I like the songs and have listened to them for a bigger amount of time.
Today my list's called "Top10 songs on my mp3-player".
You know, I am a great fan of Lady Gaga, The Pretty Reckless, Nirvana, etc. but I listen to a wide selection of music genres. And now I'll summarize ten songs I love listening to atm :)
  1. Lana Del Rey - Ride
  2. Asaf Avidan and the Mojos - One Day Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)
  3. Nirvana - Rape Me
  4. Rihanna - Where Have You Been
  5. Leighton Meester - Your Love's a Drug
  6. Brodka - Varsovie
  7. Kerli - The Creatonist
  8. A Day To Remember - All I Want
  9. Taylor Momsen and Paul Barker - Victory
  10. Birdy - Skinny Love 
Lana Del Rey - an icon of music, fashion and soon even movies. A fact whose evidence is her newly released music video for "Ride". I seriously suggest you to watch it, it is a masterpiece. Lana's music videos represent freedom, fun and passion. Every video's the same but so different at the same time. She expresses the terms freedom, fun and passion in several ways, once with men, then with riding or driving till dark another time with money or with video games. I believe she is way more than talented and you can see that in her touching songs and stunning videos. And, to come back to "Ride", it is a wonderful song about being free, having fun and living out your passion. And Lana showed it also in the music vid in which she obviously is free and lives out her passion with men and has kind of fun. "Ride" is my favorite song and music video (followed by "Summertime Sadness") by Lana!
The next song is rather a older one, but I don't know it that long. That is actually because of the fact that I never watch TV or listen to other music than on YouTube. So as I was on a date and we got to his house to watch a bit TV and rest he asked me if I know this song and then he played the record and I fell in love like suddenly. I love the style of this song, the melody, the lyrics (they aren't that difficult to remember) and well, the whole song. It is a sort of freedom, independence, fun, love, etenity, party song and that is what I love. And there is one thing to add: the music video is as great as the song. I mean, that would be my kind of dreamlife :) Oh and it's "One Day" by Asaf Avidan and The Mojos!
I really like Nirvana, like I am a big fan of them and it's sad that they don't exist anymore. I grew up with some of their songs and Kurt Cobain is an icon, he achieved so much. And when I was in Düsseldorf the other day I bought two CDs by Nirvana, "In Utero" and "Incesticide" and I am really glad, those were the last ones by Nirvana and although I only knew two or three songs it was absolutely worth buying them! And as you may already know, "In Utero" contains "Rape Me". It is an exellent song and the lyrics are kind of twisted or strange (rape - friend) but that is exactly the thing I love about songs: being strange, with a contrast in, kind of mixed, different and crazy. I highly recommend you to listen to "Rape Me" and even "In Utero" which is a breath-taking album!
Fourth song and I already wrote reams :) But I'll go on and now Rihanna's song "Where Have You Been" is having a turn. I have to confess that it is a old song but I still love it and I've listened to it today so yes, I guess you already know a lot about this song, but never the less I'll still share my opinion about it to you. I do think that Rihanna is a marvelous artist. Her records are always stunning, her videos are fantastique and she herself is a strong, sexy woman. And that's why she is so popular I think. So "Where Have You Been" is an amazing song/vid and to me it's also a catchy song, like, I'm singing it in my head right now even though I only listened to it once today. Listen to and love it!
The next song is by actress Leighton Meester which is known as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl (I had to google it because I don't watch Gossip Girl, but I think a few of you will know her). Since April 2009 she also makes music and "Your Love's a Drug" was published on March 30, 2010. I know it for a few weeks, I was listening to "The Pretty Reckless Radio" on last.fm and it was played there and I was floored by Leighton's record. I don't know if there is any video to it but anyway her voice is gorgeous, the lyrics are stunning and well, because I got to know that she sings and that she has a beautiful voice I searched for a few other songs which are also very recommendful!
Next song is "Varsovie" by Monica Brodka, also known as Brodka. She is a Polish singer and won the casting show Idol (like Britain's Got Talent or America's Idol) in 2004. And "Varsovie" is the latest record published on April 23, 2012. I kind of love this song because, as you can guess, it is about Warsaw the capital of Poland and since I was born in Poland every Polish thing gets a bonus right away. It is her first English song and I think that made her popular. Also VIVA uses her song for their advertisement campaign. While the lyrics are about Warsaw and that she loves the city because it's special even though it's not really bright or "sparkling", the video is rather about food. Yes, in the vid there is food everywhere, idk if it's ment to be like that but it was catching. All in all a brilliant song, listen to it!
Kerli is an adorable, pretty and talented singer from Estonia known since the release of her song "Walking On Air" in 2008 which was esablished in Germany and other international countries. I don't know why but I don't have "Walking On Air" on my mp3-player, but "The Creationist" is on it. It is a lovely song about a "old poem", the melody is rather not that freaky like you know from other songs by her and the lyrics are touching and still cute. I know this song like for ages because I bought Kerli's album as a gift for my sister but never realized its brilliancy. And today I've listened to it again and it was like the first time that I understood the lyrics and the meaning of the song. It is touching and I recommend it to you :)
The next song I know since Whitsun, or to say it better I heard this song the first time on Whitsun and then a good friend of mine, THORONDIR's guitarist, told me the artist and the title. And I couldn't get enough of this record (it's "All I Want" by A Day To Remember) at first but I have to confess after listening to it like a million times I was at the point where I couldn't play it another time. But now I do love the song again and it revives memories and feelings of former times. Since knowing who is the artist I listen to more records by them, but tbh "All I Want" is my favorite!
My back hurts, I'm sitting two hours in front of my PC already :( But blogging is my passion so I'll go on! If you read my blog you should know that I love Taylor Momsen/The Pretty Reckless. And the next tune is by the gorgeous Taylor Momsen and Paul Barker! "Victory" is a deep record with profound lyrics and Taylor's strong, agressive voice. I really love it, it is a breath-taking collaboration with stunning guitar solos. All in all a successful project, which is the soundtrack of "FIX: The Ministry Movie".
And the last song is "Skinny Love" by Birdy, as far as I know it is the soundtrack of one of the episodes of Vampire Diaries, but don't be mad if it is not. Anyway, it is a beautiful, deep and kind of sad song whose lyrics are perfectly wonderful and also the video is a masterpiece. I guess it's one of those sort of videos which really express what the lyrics say. I also suggest you to listen to her whole album called "Birdy", it is absolutely brilliant!

I hope you've read through the whole text, I mean it is not that long, I could've written it even longer, but my back hurts really bad and I want to post it today.
One more aspect I want to add: I made an effort for real and that's because I want to improve my posts. My teacher told me that I can achieve even more with this and this motivated me (btw, greetings to Mr. Bartmann, maybe you'll read it someday!). I will try to post more with the policy I told you before. And I hope I gain more followers and views. But most certainly I love blogging and I hope you love my blog! :)

xoxo Aga

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