October 26, 2012

Last Friday Night ♥ - October 26th

It's the weekend before Halloween and tbh, I really don't care. Maybe I'll go to a party but I still have no plans for October 31st (Haha, as I was reading through this post again I was wondering how you pronounce 31st o.O). Anyway today I'm in mood for posting another Last Friday Night post.
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Seen: Deutscher Comedypreis (translated it is "German Comedyprice", it is pretty fun!).
Read: "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe, really breath-taking story, I love it!
Heard: Birdy's album "Birdy", I'm so in love with these songs! "People, Help The People" is such a touching song.
Done: Nothing but sitting on my sister's bed and watching TV.
Drank: Oops, nothing.
Thought: About a special guy. Nothing left to say.
Wished: To be happy someday.
Annoyed by: German grammar and terms :S
Exited by: A super-sweet message by a good friend of mine, he tried to cheer me up :)
Clicked: My niece' blog, she's on the way to become a model, I am so proud of her http://vintageseducente.blogspot.com/

xoxo Aga

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