October 31, 2012

Halloween Makeup N°. 2, 3 & 4

Here are the three other makeup styles. I don't know if you like them but I was highly inspired by them!
First I'm going to talk about the "Doll"-makeup. Of course it would be better to have blonde hair but I had no opportunities within the last two days to get blonde hair. Anyway, I'll tell you what I did. First I applied my usual foundation (as mentioned in the last post) and put some lighter powder on, too. I also covered my lips with concealer. I drew a kind of heart on my lips with the red pencil by Faber Castell (also mentioned in the last post, just scroll down to read). I used the black pencil to paint a few dots onto my cheeks. Then I put mascara onto my lashes, I colored my inner lid with kajal eyeliner and lined my upper lid with eyeliner which I connected in the eyecorner with the kajal eyeliner (sorry for repeating "eyeliner" far too often!). I put some white eyeshadow under my brows as a highlighting effect!

The "Vampire" look is simple and gorgeous! I put my foundation on and then I started with applying some white powder (you can use white eyeshadow, baby powder, etc) to get a pale finish. I took dark, bloodred eyeshadow and put it all over my upper and lower lid and blended it out really strong so that it looks like the skin of vampires in movies. Then I used eyeliner to draw a line around my eye and put on mascara. This was the easy part. After that I tried to draw my brows with the black pencil like a turned and streched 'V', you know, to make my look more fierce and evil. And last but not least I colored my lips. That was the most difficult piece of my work because I have no bloodred lipstick. I used my "Soft Mat Lipcream" and combined it with the black pencil which I mixed with water. Of course you can use any other lipstick, I just had to make it this way.

And the last style is inspired by "Corpse Bride", I think this is a cartoon character. I saw that quite often during my research! That was the most difficult look I have ever made. I really thought it would be simple, but hell no. I started as always with my foundation, but I didn't use my powder, I used blue eyeshadow to apply on my whole face which was a bit annoying because it did not really work. Anyway I continued with the eyes. I used a white makeup pencil to draw a big circle around my eyes. I neither applied mascara nor eyeliner etc. I filled out the whole area around my eyes with that white pencil. Then I took a kind of dark blue/lilac eyeshadow and started to apply it above the circle up to my eyebrows (which was about 1 cm wide). I lined the circle around with eyeliner and drew lashes to it. I used the black pencil to paint the brows in the characteristic shape and also for the eyes to draw the pupil. I used dark blue eyeshadow to apply as blush. My lips were colored with pink lipstick and gloss. And I also put a blue flower into my hair.

I hope I could inspire you for your Halloween look! Let me know how you liked it!

xoxo Aga

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