October 30, 2012

Halloween Makeup N°. 1

Hey guys, tomorrow is Halloween! I was bored and thought of doing some kind of scary, creepy makeup for Halloween. First I was searching for some ideas on the internet, but, tbh, I haven't found really amazing convincing breath-taking pictures so I created my own by comparing a few!
First of all I want to say that the pictures I am using are mine, so, you are not allowed to use them as well, unless you ask me and I agree! Secondly I want to add that I am not a professional makeup artist, but I tried to apply the sort of masks as good as I can. And thirdly, I am sure that not everyone will agree with the makeup or the function of it, sorry for that. I still think you will find more makeup ideas for Halloween on the world wide web ;)

The first makeup style is rather a simple one. I applied my usual foundation (concealer, mousse makeup and powder). As you can see in the picture above I colored my lips in red-to-black with a black and a red pencil. I will tell you more about it later. Also I used blush to highlight my cheeks in a pinky shade. For my eyes I took black mascara, black kajal to line my inner lid and eyeliner with which I only lined my upper lid. I colored my eyelid kind of smokey (with white, silver and black eyeshadow which I blended out). And last but not least I painted some red fake-tears under my eyes, which should be blood. 

I was using:
  • "Soft Compact Powder" - 1 Naturelle (Manhattan)
  • "Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up" - 04 matt ivory (essence)
  • "2in1 Concealer & Fixing Powder" - 32 warm honey (Manhattan)
  •  " I ♥ Extreme - Volume Mascara" - black (essence)
  • "Soft Mat Lipcream" - 45H (Manhattan). I used this for inner part of my lips.
  • "Coca Cola Vanilla" (LipSmacker, as a base for my lips)
  • "Freaky Friday Lipgloss" - 46A (Manhattan). I took this as a blush, it is high pigmented!
  • "Dip Eyeliner Waterproof" - 1010N black (Manhattan)
  • "Khol Kajal Eyeliner" - 1010N black (Manhattan)
  • Powder brush, blush brush and three different eyeshadow brushes
  • Eyeshadow in white, silver and black (Markwins International)
  • "Colour Grip" - black and red (Faber Castell). These are pencils but you can make them liquid with water. The black I took for my lips and the red for the bloody tears. Be careful with water after applying!
I hope you like this style and I'm going to post the other ones in a little time! :)
xoxo Aga

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