October 27, 2012

CALZEDONIA - Moonlight

It's getting colder everyday and tonight it was snowing for the first time this so called winter! I am like in the worst mood ever (it has personal reasons), so I'm not really in a mood to write an extra long post, but of course I wanted to show you the nail polish I've got as a gift by Calzedonia! By the way, I've seen an advertisement spot on Polish TV on Monday, i'll add a link to it, as long as I find it on the internet.
Well, as already said the nail polish is very gorgeous, it shimmers in a few different colors, but I have to admit that it is not possible to see every shade of it on the photos!
I personally got "Moonlight" by Calzedonia, a dark green nail polish with dark purple and brown accents.
(The rights to the following four pictures reserve to me, so please ask me before usage!)

It came with this sweet package :)
Tell me your opinions! Would you wear it? Or do you dislike such a color?
xoxo Aga

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