August 8, 2012

Nail Polish - Some Pattern

I've seen a lot of different nail art pictures with several pattern. And so I wanted to show you three of them! The ones I have chosen for this post are floral print, leopard pattern and lace design. They all look fantastique, so let's start!
(I do not own any of these pictures, I found them via google images, contact me, if you're the owner!)


I love floral print, it looks so fancy, nice and it's just a fashion thing! I've already seen some like stickers for your nails with flowers on, but I'm sure, you can also do them on your own, if you're a bit practiced and have this kind of really thin nail polish brushes or nair art pens. The following pictures were the best ones I could've find!


Leopard patter is one of the most controversial or disputed pattern, some people are telling it's fashionalbe and other people say that it's way too old and not en vogue anymore, but I like it though. You can easily do it on your own, you just need a kind of gold or yellow nail polish, a black or dark brown nail art pen and a picture with leopard pattern to copy it on your nails. You can also use different nail polish shades to make it a bit more colorful!


Nude nails do look very precious, especially when you have long nails. And nude nails with lace design do look even more precious! I really want to try them, I've already seen stickers, but I want to try them on my own and maybe then I'll do a DIY post how to do lace nail art :) Below are two pictures with really pretty types of these nail art. Enjoy it!

xoxo Aga


  1. oh die sind voll schön:)♥ Dein Blog ist toll! Hast du lust an meinem gewinnspiel teilzunehmen?:


  2. Uh, was für tolle Bilder, das macht Lust auf Nägel lackieren :*

  3. Wow einfach nur toll!!:) i love it!

  4. Vielen Dank euch allen!
    xoxo Aga ♥


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