July 30, 2012

Last Berlin Post ♥

Hey everyone, I'm really sorry, that I haven't posted anything for like three weeks (?), but I had no time due to school things and so on :)
Well, as the title already tells, this is going to be the last Berlin post. I wanted to post four more photos. Two of them were taken at Madame Tussauds, where my friend Jasmin and me were photographed with a wax statue of Marlene Dietrich. The photos do really look amazing, I love them! Another picture was taken when we were going by ship on the river crossing Berlin, which is called Spree. It was kind of nice, a bit cold, but you could see a lot of Berlin! On the photo you can see Silvan who was sitting next to me, and me, of course! :) And another picture is showing the "Brandenburger Tor" :)

And, because tomorrow's going to be the last day of school with six weeks vacation/holidays following, I'm pretty sure that I will post more about fashion, music and celebrities again!

Thanks for all the views, I really appreciate it!

xoxo Aga

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