July 15, 2012

Berlin Shopping Haul ♥

I finally had the time to write the Berlin haul post I was telling you about before! I'm going to show you pictures of the things I bought and below these I'm going to give you some information about it, like where I got it from, how much it costs, etc.
As I was in Berlin I purchased clothes once in Tally Weijl and two times in H&M. And I also did buy jewellry, the majority of it I bought at Claire's, I love this shop!
(I do own the rights to these pictures, please ask me before you want to use them. And I'm sorry for the bad contrast/light/colors of the pictures)

So let's get started! :)

  1. Oil cookie bra by H&M, it's nude with pink polka dots. I got it for 14,95 €. I already have a similar one, but it is darkblue with floral print on.
  2. Nude tube top with black polka dots by H&M, I really like the design! It looks really cute. This one I got for 4,95 €.
  3. Another tube top by H&M, it's black, it has colorful tigers on (I think so, but they look cute) and a nice kind of bow at the front. I always wanted to buy this online, but I wasn't sure how it would look like. But it does look great :) I got it for 5€.
  4. A very very very colorful tube top with floral print, I fell in love with it at first sight! It is black on the back, and it has also cups, that allows it to wear it even without a bra. I got this wonderful top for 9,99 €.
  5. A pink tank top, which says "ENDLESS NIGHTS" by H&M. I ordered a similar one, which is nude and says "today's outfit", and I haven't even noticed it is the same but with a different design :) As I saw the pink one in the shop I was like "I effing need THIS!", so I bought it, not only because it costs 3€ in the shop :)
  6. Another tank top by H&M, it's so gorgeous! Even though I dislike yellow, I just don't like this color, I love this shirt. It's different and it looks sooo good. And it's mostly orange anyway. The shape is also pretty, I wanted such a top before. Now I have one and I got it for 7€.
  7. A lovely flower skirt. It is beautiful, I really like it. The bigger white flowers on it are pretty, and the whole skirt is amazing! It's a thin material, so I have to wear sth under it. I got is for 4,99 €.
  8. I was so happy that I got the dress by the Fashion Against AIDS campaign by H&M! It looks so pretty and well, I got it even for less than the original price. I payed 10€ instead of 19,95 €, but I would have bought it even for the whole price, because I really wanted it! I love the pattern and the shape! Gorgeous purchase :)
  9. Dark denim short by H&M, I got the same one like two of my friends, who also bought it in Berlin. These shorts look really good and are a bit high waisted. I thank my friend Nathalie, who suggested that I should buy it. I'm in love with those and I only payed 3€ for them! Breath-takingly amazing :)
  10. Colorful floral shorts by Tally Weijl, I looooove them! I saw them, they were the last pair, and I knew I have to buy these! They do fit me and they look so gorgeous, I had to have these, therefore I bought them, unfortunately they were only reduced by 4,96 €, so I still had to pay 19,99 € for them, but they're worth it!
  11. A pair of black open-toe flatform wedges by H&M, I already saw them while first shopping in Berlin, but bought them later when I was shopping the second time in H&M. They are still a bit uncomfortable, but well, I just have to wear them a few times more! And these I got for 29,95 €
  12. A ear cuff by Claire's with a simple silver colored cross. I was looking for a chain, which you like put in the earlobe with one end (which is actually a normal earring) and the other end is shaped like the cuff, so you can put it onto your upper ear. Maybe you know such ear chains. But the (very nice) female shop assistant told me, it's all sold out, but they had these ear cuffs, and I was like, you know, I need this, I is not the chain thing, but it is gorgeous, too! So, it costs 3,95 €.
  13. These sweet pink mini Eiffel towers I got from Claire's, too (obviously). I saw some other Eiffel tower earrings in the shop, but I decided to buy these (because they are pink and they were the cheapest ones). I got them for 4,50€. Formerly I also wanted to buy cute little pink strawberry earrings, but I don't know where I put them, anyway, I didn't pay for them.
  14. One more thing I always wanted to buy but never saw in any shop: a double ring with a cross on (the one I purchased has light violet gems on). Taylor Momsen also have one, and when I saw it, I literally was like "I effing need THIS one, no matter how much it costs!". So I decided to buy it, and it wasn't even that expensive. 7,95 € isn't much, is it? :)
  15. Six pair of earrings, there are three golden and three silver pairs. They all look really really good, like, you know, the shapes are different, but amazing and I have no similar earrings at all. I love them. Nothing else I can say, eh :) Oh, and I got them for 4,95 €, THIS is not much!
  16. LipSmacker (flavor: CocaCola vanilla) I also bought at Claire's. I'm addicted to LipSmacker, they taste sooo good and it's the only lip balm that really helps my dry lips! I already have 10 (with the ones I bought in Berlin) and I want more, more, more! :) This one I got for 3€.
  17. This LipSmacker (flavor: Fanta strawberry) I also got for 3€ at Claire's, it was the last special one there and I haven't got this one before (unlike the CocaCola vanilla one, I had these two times before). I don't know how it tastes or smells because I haven't opened it yet... It's too precious :)

Did you like my haul post? Please leave a comment with your impressions/opinion below. Thank you!

xoxo Aga

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