July 6, 2012

Back from Berlin ♥

Sorry that I haven't posted anything within the days I was in Berlin and the days after, but I really had no time. Well, I'm gonna write a post with a few pictures I've taken and one more with the things I bought there. This post is going to be the one with the pictures and I'm also going to tell you a bit where I was and what I've done in Berlin :)
On the first day I had to wake up at half past four and then I moved off to Berlin at 7 a.m. It lasted about five hours I think and then we got to our hotel. There we changed our clothes, ate, unpacked our suit cases a bit and half past one a.m. we went to Anhalter Bahnhof and had a guided tour through whole Berlin. Berlin is a really beautiful city, but it's sad to see all the homeless and the addicted to drugs on the streets. This honestly leaves memories in my mind.
On the next day we went to Berlin-Hohenschönhausen and a man guided us through this former jail at 9 o'clock, and also that was very sad, it was touching to see how people were treated, I mean, no one ever should be treated this way, especially not if you're just in remand, in several cases even for something you haven't done. Later we were guided through the Bundesrat and in the afternoon we were at the Paul-Löbe-Haus and Bundestag. It was interesting, even though it's politics :) After that I was shopping with my girls and bought about seven pieces I think.
On the next day I went to the Technikmuseum and it was really interesting, I haven't even expected it to be that cool! After that me and my best friend were going around in Berlin and waited for our teacher to go to Madame Tussauds. While waiting we were at a Häagen Dazs café and ate some ice cream desserts, it was so delicious! Then we got our tickets for Madame Tussauds and we made a lot of pictures there :) And I met Lady Gaga made out of wax :) Later in the evening I saw a musical called "Tanz Der Vampire" (translated it would mean Dance of the Vampires) and it was really wonderful! I think I might buy something from the fan shop!
On the last day I went to the last original piece of the Berliner Mauer. It's weird to see it crossed everything, like you couldn't even get out of a specific train, because it leads through the eastern side of Berlin and it wasn't allowed to go to the other part of Berlin. My teacher also told us that there was a house on the eastern side of Berlin, but the sidewalk was on the western side, so people were jumping off the windows (even if they were living in the 3rd, 4th floor) just to escape. Tbh, the story is so sad, I mean, how bad could it be that you risk your life just to get away? All in all, every story that was told in these four days is sad, and I'm really glad it's past now.
After that I was shopping again and well, as I had to go back to the bus to move off home again, I got lost in the train station, honestly, it was terrible because there was really NO ONE there to help me. But fortunately I found out of the station and got to the bus then :)
All in all these four days were one of my greatest ones, I saw so many new things and a lot of good-looking and fashionable people and sooo many cultures! It was really wonderful, I enjoyed it!

So below are some pictures of the first two days, I'm gonna make another post with the pictures of the other two days! :)

(I do own ALL rights to the pictures in this post, please ask me before you use them!)

(from left to right: Hanna, Nathalie, Theresa, Sabrina, Jasmin)
The girls of my room when we went to the guided tour on the first day :) You can see me in the mirror.

Anhalter Bahnhof

Brandenburger Tor

The World Clock. In the back the TV tower.

(from left to right: Sabrina, me, Theresa, Nathalie, Hanna and two boys costumed as Germany)

Theresa (I call her Resi) with a wonderful outfit and great makeup, I love that look!

The TV tower or how else do you call it? In Germany it's Fernsehturm :)

Jasmin and me at the lift :)

I loooooove this picture!

Fireworks after Spain won the EURO 2012

A room in Hohenschönhausen




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