July 10, 2012

Back from Berlin ♥ - more pictures

Here are more pictures of Berlin, now I put the pictures of the last two days in Berlin in! Enjoy it :)
Most of the pictures are from Madame Tussauds Berlin, I love it, if I have time and money I'm going to go there again, maybe with my sister.

(I do own ALL rights to the pictures in this post, please ask me before you use it!)

Several synthetic flower designs I saw in the Technikmuseum (Technical Museum in Berlin)

A dress made out of felted wool in the same museum

Synthetic flowers on the ceiling

Rings in the Technical Museum, I like the second one from the right :)

A statue of Fortuna, also seen in the museum

Delicious ice cream desserts at Häagen Dazs, the one in the front was mine (with the latte macchiato) and the one in the back is the dessert of my friend Jasmin

A huge cup at Häagen Dazs, I liked it :)

Marilyn Monroe at the entrance of Madame Tussauds Berlin

Anne Frank

John F. Kennedy

Me and Barack Obama :)

Johannes Paul II., the Polish pope

Albert Einstein, he's like an idol for me :)

I don't know who this is anymore, but I liked the pose, so I took the picture (Does anyone of you know who this is?)

The talented and good-looking David Garrett :)

Marilyn Monroe and me

Beyoncé and me, trying to copy her pose :)

Jon Bon Jovi's hand, it kind of looks like mine :)

Matthias Schweighöfer and me, I love that picture!

The Beatles

Elvis Presley and me

Lady Gaga and me, I took like ten more pictures, but this one's the best

Rihanna nad me, it kind of looks like I met her in reallife :)

George Clooney and me, I try to copy his pose

Nicole Kidman and me :) I love that picture, too!

Leonardo DiCaprio and me :)

Robbie Williams and me, I do like the picture, too :)

The Berlin Wall, I don't know if you call it that way, which was "built up" again as a symbol

The last original piece of the Berlin Wall

Louis Vuitton shop ♥
So, I hope you enjoy the pictures and impressions, thank you for reading it :)
xoxo Aga

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