June 9, 2012

Underwear & Lingerie

This is a post about underwear for women and men. I got this idea from a good friend, and I asked him what he wants to read on my blog, because I do not post enough for boys. He replied, that I could write something about lingerie, and yeah, so here is the post! Thanks for the inspiration, Julian! :) And I post this today, because it's his birthday!
Happy Birthday, Julian! :) xx
So, I really like undewear from Triumph. I know this brand for a long time (is it known anywhere else, too?), and since a few months there are "Perfect Shaping" collections, which are really pretty. Also Victoria's Secret, the most popular lingerie label in my opinion, does have very pretty underwear. And they also have the hottest models! For boys I like Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein underwear. The ones by McQueen are kind of eye-catching, while the ones by Tommy Hilfiger, I find, are more everyday pieces, but still good-looking! So below I put some pictures, and I'll write some information under the pictures! :) Hope you like the underwear!

Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret, some sweet lingerie
Lily Aldridge for Victoria's Secret, sort of bridal lingerie

skull boxers by Alexander McQueen
nice brown patterned shorts by Alexander McQueen

a piece of the David Beckham collection for H&M
a flower print bra with oil cookies by H&M, I have this one, it's very comfortable

very wonderful lingerie by Nikolay Bojilov
colorful shorts by Calvin Klein

black lace lingerie by Triumph
sort of bridal lingerie from the new Triumph collection

white shorts by Hugo Boss
colorful, checkered boxers by Tommy Hilfiger

xoxo Aga

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