June 22, 2012

Coloroes are my new love!

("Coloroes" = colorful + shoes)

I'm really in love with multicolored shoes, no matter if they're high heels, sandals, wedges, flatforms, creepers (Oh my gosh, I love them!), flats, lace up shoes, etc. They just match very well to rather simple, not that colorful outfits, and therefore they're also eye-catching! With "colorful/multicolored" I mean every type of pattern with three or more colors in, like floral print or zig zag pattern, with sprinkles or splotches, stripes or polka dots. As long as they have a couple of colors on I call them coloroes :) Nice name, isn't it? I invented the name myself! Perhaps (hopefully) it will be a professional fashion term one day.
I'm going to show you some pictures of such shoes so you can get an impression of what I mean. Of course you can look for similar (or even the ones in the pictures) when you're shopping next time! You can combine them with simple clothing, just as non-eye-catching, black, denim, ... clothing (I hope you know what's meant) or you can mix it with even more different patterns and stand out in public (If you want to do this, you really need to know how to mix patterns, so be careful!). The idea for this post I got while I was reading GRAZIA. In this magazine there were shown several outfits and like three of the models have worn really colorful shoes and I fell in love instantly! I couldn't find these shoes on the internet, but yeah, I found a few other pretty coloroes :)
Below the pictures I'll put some information about the shoes!

  1. verity jane flatforms from the ASOS collection, with flower print, a platform and a strap in the level of the ankle
  2. Giuseppe Zanotti multicolored textile sandals with pink heel and colorful straps around the foot
  3. very cute Indecent Obsession pumps with polka dot platform, heel and bow and strawberry-rose pattern
  4. red multicolored Jeffrey Campbell wedges with colorful patterned horizontal stipes
  5. sandal wedges by MadelineGirl with exotic but natural floral print
  6. lace up multi canvas by OfficeMatch with colorful splotches and a white platform
  7. colorful Steve Madden Winonna Bright Multi strappy sandal wedges
  8. strawberry/sprinkles patterned lace up by Indecent Obsession
  9. eye-catching multicolored Yohji Yamamoto sneaker with black sole and shoelace
  10. Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels with black heel
  11. TomsStrappy wooden wedge with colored and white straps
  12. platform heels by GUESS with colorful flowers, polka dots and leopard print
  13. Zigi Soho pumps with flowerprint and animal patterned heel and platform
  14. rather simple but pretty Madden Girl zig zag pumps
  15. Steve Madden Whisttle wedges with multicolored stripes, similar to the Jeffrey Campbell wedges above
xoxo Aga


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