June 30, 2012

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

Tomorrow I have to wake up really early and then I'm going to Berlin! It's going to be so great! And well, I thought I could make a post about the things I'm taking with me :)
Here are a few things I'll take with me, such as clothing, cosmetics, jewellry etc.

That's my suit case with clothing, cosmetics, a bag, hairspray, hair shampoo, cleanser, tonic, etc. :)

A few things I'll take with me, there are a couple more things I forgot to photograph. On the picture there are: Face tonic, apres ski lotion, hair shampoo, showering gel, hairspray, deodorant, sth against mosquitos, and baby whipes to put my make up off :)

Some makeup, I forgot the powder. I won't take a lot with me, because I guess, I won't use a lot :)

One of my outfits: Bustier by H&M (read the post below, it's shown there) and a tight skirt as well by H&M

A dress I'm going to wear at the musical in Berlin. It's called "Tanz der Vampire", translated "Dance of the vampires" :)

Another outfit. Black basic tank top, it's by NewYorker. And my Fashion Against AIDS skirt by H&M! :) 

Some of my jewellry, I won't take all my jewellry, because I don't want to lose a piece and I don't need everything.

So these are a few things I'll take, tbh. I have like three more outfits but I couldn't take a picture anymore. And of course it's not everything, but I showed you the most important things. I'll perhaps post some OOTD posts within the next days, so read my blog regularly :)
I'm really looking forward to Berlin!
Have a great night/day and see you later, guys!
xoxo Aga


  1. *_* Das Bustier von H&M hab ich auch letztens gesehen, das ist so schön :)


    1. Oh ja, das ist wirklich schön :) Danke! ♥
      xoxo Aga

  2. Deutscher Titel, Englischer Text .. was denn nun ..

    1. Das wegen dem deutschen Titel liegt allein daran, dass es um Berlin geht. D.h. es werden noch etwa zwei oder drei Post folgen, die wahrscheinlich Deutsch beinhalten würden. Aber ansonsten verfasse ich meine Posts in Englisch. :)
      xoxo Aga


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