June 16, 2012

Aga goes Berlin!

I am so excited to visit Berlin in about two weeks! I will post a bit then and yeah, I'd love to see everything, but I will be there for just like three days and it's a trip organized by my school and I will go there with my and another class. I hope I will have time for shopping :D Do you have any suggestions where I should go (maybe some stores)? Perhaps I'll write a haul post after this trip to share my purchases with some information, for example where I got it, how much it costs, etc. :) So I'm going to post about it next time in two weeks at the earliest.
xoxo Aga


  1. Yaay :) Berlin is great, it's the greatest city in Germany :) No city is better than Berlin for shopping

    1. I know, and I'll try to go to every shop I can go to! I'll make a haul post after Berlin and maybe You're going to read it then ;) I wish you a nice day :)
      xoxo Aga


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