May 1, 2012

Top10 - Dance Fever

You can obviously dance to every song, whether it's slowly, fast, or rhythmically. Here are ten songs you can play at a party, which make you and others dance all night! But sorry, these songs aren't the very latest ones.
  1. Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro feat. Don Omar
  2. Nicole Scherzinger - Wet
  3. Patrycja Kazadi - Go Crazy
  4. Alexis Jordan - Hush Hush
  5. Basshunter - Saturday
  6. Pitbull - Blanco feat. Pharell
  7. Lady Gaga - Judas
  8. Dev - Bass Down Low
  9. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I'm loving you)
  10. Far East Movement - Like a G6 feat. Cataracs and Dev
Since April 30, 2011 I know "Danza Kuduro" by Lucenzo & Don Omar through my sister. At first I didn't like it, but after listening to it a houndred times and watching Fast And Furious Five at least three times I love it! You can dance to it very good and it gives you a summer feeling plus it's cheerful! Absolutely amazing!
"Wet" by Nicole Scherzinger is also great, it has an amazing rhythm and of course I love the lyrics! At the chorus you can freak out and dance really wild and at the verses you can dance together with your boy-/girlfriend and maybe flirt a bit ;) It's a hot song, so girls, make the boys go wild!
"Go Crazy" by Patrycja Kazadi already starts very rhythmic and cheerful and this lasts the whole song. It's a typical club song and also the lyrics are party-like! I once heard it on Polish TV and since then I love it! Worth listening to it at parties!
One of my favorite songs by Alexis Jordan is "Hush Hush" (tbh, I don't like a lot songs by her). It's a nice song for dancing boy plus girl together at clubs because it isn't that fast but it still has a good rhythm.
I really like "Saturday" by Basshunter (I didn't even know this song's by Basshunter :D), it's a great party song, you can dance to it, it's cheerful and you can sing it because the lyrics aren't that difficult! One of my favorite dance songs!
A very good song for dancing boy plus girl or for flirting while dancing is "Blanco" by Pitbull and Pharell. A very Pitbull-like song, latino-style, which you can play at beach parties at the evening. I like it!
"Judas" by Lady Gaga is one of the fastest song I ever heard (read my Judas post for more information)! It has 130 bpm, and this is an advantage for eye-catching dances in front of your friends. You just need to be good and know a few steps and choreographies ;) Have fun with dancing to it!
"Bass Down Low" by Dev is a really amazing song, and the vid is also great! The song's very rhythmic, a good basis for dancing! Let the song float into your blood and you'll get a feeling of dancing! I personally like this song and it's a great one for parties!
For the ninth song I would prefer the former version, but because of the word "f***ing" I won't post it here. So, I like the vid, the song and of course the lyrics (it's obviously that "loving" is meant in a different way, like the way I already wrote)! I could dance (funny, you can mean "dancing" also in another way, the same way as before :D) to it all night! And you? ;)
"Like a G6" is a really cheerful, party-like song and I like it, even though it's old. That's why it still got the 10th place, but only the 10th one. A few days ago I just got the feeling I wanted to dance, as I listened to it! :) Oh and it's by Far East Movement, Dev and Cataracs!

Be inspired by these songs and put together a personal list for your next party, maybe with some of these :)
xoxo Agnes

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