May 20, 2012


I love buying clothes and donating the money or a part of it to an aid program. About two weeks ago I got my H&M order of the Fashion Against AIDS Collection (I bought the sunglasses, a white tank top and a very colorful skirt!) and 25% of these proceeds ware donated to an anti-aids organization.
So to hear about the new collection by Tommy Hilfiger really made me happy! 100%, so all of the proceeds will be collected and donated to Millenium Promise, a charity organization that supports the Millenium Villages. TH already gathered 2 Million US-$. But not only the idea of donating the money is great, the clothes are amazing, too! I love the pattern, the different colors, just everything about the collection is wonderful! I really hope to get a piece when I'm in Berlin, I really really hope that it won't be too late then! :)
Below are some pictures (I do not own any rights, all credits go to Tommy Hilfiger)!

Doesn't it look fabulous?
xoxo Aga

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