May 29, 2012

Splendid Shorts ♥

My new love this season are: dyed, frayed, studded shorts! They look amazing! If I don't find them in a store, I'll try to make them on my own! I already started doing them myself because I had old jeans, but I don't have dye so it has to wait.
So I saw them on a page on Facebook and I fell in love instantly! They're just a must have this summer! ;) Do you like them, too?

I already read through a few DIY posts on other blogs and it really seems easy to do it. When you like them, too, search for a DIY post on the internet and start making your own shorts! Be creative, you can make them like you want, look for ideas in the pictures above! :)

xoxo Agnes


  1. die shorts sehen wirklich alle klasse aus! ich hab selber noch nie welche gefärbt, aber sie zu "destroyen" ist wirklich sehr einfach (hab es ein DIY auf meinem blog). :)

  2. Awesome shorts! Wanna have aaaaaaall of them!



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