May 10, 2012

Shoe-Mania ♥

The fashion colors this season are pastel and neon ones! It doesn't matter if it's mint, neon yellow, soft pink, electric red or baby blue! You can mix these shades with black and pastel colors especially with metallic accessoires, but you can also wear a complete white or black outfit or anything not that special and shine with pastel/neon colored shoes/high heels!
Here I got a few examples of shoes you can wear, and I hope you like those! You can look them up below :)

  1. I personally love grunge boots, they look quite fantastic if they're kinda destroyed. But those boots in pastel colors are just beyond beauty! You can wear them to black tights, a long black shirt and wild hair to have an eye-catching effect or to leopard fur printed tight jeans, a pink t-shirt and a turquoise waistcoat to match the outfit. Anyway, these boots look good to any kind of clothes!
  2. These are platform wedges by Aldo. Tbh, I don't know this brand, but I found these high heels on google and just fell in love with them! I really love the lilac and the neon yellow ones, even though I don't really like yellow. You can take such colored wedges for a evening dress when you can't find any matching accessoires. They give you a boost of self-confidence and extra hight! Let the evening blast! :)
  3. Three platform suede sandals in peach, lilac and mint by Steve Madden. Very nice for a summer day in an airy dress when you're about to shopping! For example you can wear a white silk dress (white is a great shade to combine with these colors!) or a vivid one (you can try yourself with color blocking!)! Such vivid sandals are absolutely a must for hot summer days this season!
  4. Three pumps in almost the same colors as the ones above, but these shades are a lot paler! The pumps I've seen at, but I can't tell if they're still available. So you can wear these ones for example when you are at a date with your boyfriend or ven when you meet with your girls. Wear a fancy dress or a cute overall and you'll be the fashion queen!
  5. Four different colored Jeffrey Campbell platform high heels in light yellow, pink, blue and green! I adore JC high heels, the shapes and the ideas of the shoes are amazing. So these high heels I would wear at a special event, just like a wedding of a friend, the graduation of a friend or yours, a shopping tour with yourb est fríends in a big city! But try to keep your outfit simple, so you don't look like a exotic bird :)
  6. The last picture shows strappy platform high heels by Giuseppe Zanotti, which are in my opinion very cute and fashionable. They have a very wonderful platform that nearly looks like a wedge heel and the colors yellow, soft pink, mint and black are color-blocking and matching at the same time! I like those ones :)






xoxo Aga ♥


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    1. Thank You so much! Hope you like my blog :) xoxo Aga

  2. Die Pumps (Nr. 4) sehen echt toll aus! <3
    LG (:

    1. Danke, wenn du willst, kannst du ja mal auf suchen, vielleicht gibts die noch ;)
      xoxo Aga


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