May 7, 2012

Be fashi♀nable

I've just put together a nice, elegant and fashionable outfit for you, girls!

This would look fantastique, wouldn't it? I really love such blouses made out of silk or satin, chiffon, etc., and this skirt is amazing (how do you call these in English?)! Those high heels by Yves Saint Laurent are just beyond beauty! So... I picked cat eye sunglasses (these one above are Cat's Eye Acetate 4103 by Louis Vuitton), a golden ring in the shape of a feather, a rosé/nude blouse (the one in the picture is by Tara Jarmon, it should be a tight one so it fits to the skirt), a black wide skirt with lace and wedges in black and gold (the ones in the picture are by YSL). Of course, you can pick other shapes and other brands! The skirt and the blouse make the outfit look formal, but with the accessoires it looks fashionable, cute and cool! Do you like it?
xoxo Agnes

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