April 2, 2012

Roberto Cavalli - Women FW12/13

Roberto Cavalli
A wonderful collection! I've seen it on Fashion-TV today and tbh I haven't seen such a great one for a while! The outfits are dark, sparkling, mysterious! Cavalli uses fur pattern, mixes it with several colors, eye-catching accessoires and a lot of different shapes! This collection contains maxi dresses/skirts (Roberto Cavalli describes them with butterflies I think, because the material looks like flying butterflies), short balloon skirts, dark blue, purple, red, black, etc. leather gloves, lovely sunglasses, wide trousers, fashionable jackets and wonderful models (just as Naomi Campbell, Lindsey Wixson, Arizona Muse, Liu Wen, ...). The models are "glamorous rocker chic girls" with natural long hair extensions and a center part, wearing furry skirts (I hope it's fake fur!) or maxi dresses with tiger, leopard and other animal fur prints, sequins and rhinestones all over, leather caps and sunglasses! The make up is also very glamorous - metallic purple and green eyeshadow with gold in the corner and nude/natural lips! That looks fantastique! I love the collection, it's truely a "piece of art" like Roberto Cavalli says and I really love the hair style (called "glamour goth" by Guido Palau, a british hair stylist). It's magical, very Cavalli and chic! Just love it!

Arizona Muse for Cavalli
Two of my favorite pieces
furry balloon skirts
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell, a maxi skirt and a short skirt outfit
backstage at Cavalli. I love the glasses!
two moodels with wonderful pieces from the collection
Roberto Cavalli sunglasses
runway show
xoxo Agnes

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