March 22, 2012

Today is World Water Day!

That might be no fashion/music/celebrity/etc. post, but I find it's an important topic for everyone!
As I was checking my calendar on my mobile (Samsung "Blue Earth"), I recognized an appointment for today: it's World Water Day (my mobile saved a few special dates which have to do sth with earth/enviromental protection)!

It's nice to honor water, because it's just one of a few things we can't survive without. But it's a pity, that it's not accessible and available for a lot of people (especially in poor countries)! They have to suffer, because they don't have everyday clean water and most of them just die due to dehydrating or diseases (in the dirty water), beside from starving to death. I hope that one day these issues can be solved.

Apart from that there's one more problem, which isn't proofed scientifically yet, but which WE can prevent: water scarcity. A part of scientists believes, that the climate change was caused by the human being and the industrial revolution etc., the other one thinks it's just a normal transformation which changes every thousands of years. But that is not necessary to know, it's rather important, that this may have an effect on water and it's quantity/quality. And that's the point, where we can help: just don't waste water! If there is any chance, turn it off, use it more times, take as much as you really need, but not more, take a shower instead of a bath, use a filter for your pool/aquarium to not having to change the water that often!

You can save water just by controlling your tap. That's easy. Save water and the enviroment to have a better future!

I wish everyone a great day! :)

xoxo Agnes

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