March 9, 2012

Thanks :)

As I was promoting my blog and asking for a few opinions about my blog on Twitter, I got a tweet from a german boy, and this just made my day! He wrote, that he likes the colors of my blog, that I have a pretty writing style, and that you can see, that I enjoy writing new posts for my blog. But the cutest was, that he compared my blog with Vanity Fair! I had never expected my blog to be compared with the Vanity Fair! Although Vouge would have been a bit better, but that's okay :) I really thank him for those nice words! To be honest, I really, really love this opinion, but I know there are also people who won't like it, but I would appreciate, if those people could tell me, how I can improve my blog, so maybe they like it a little more :) So just tell me how you like my blog!
xoxo Agnes

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