March 5, 2012

Colors of the season!

What is the color of Spring/Summer this year? Well, the colors for this season reveals Pantone! As you can see in the picture above, there are a few new, fashionable shades! I will tell something about the several ones, and will add some pictures of the runway. I'll start in the upper left corner and the last color will be the one in the lower right corner!

01. "Tradewinds": A kind of grey mixed with a smudge of dark blue. Fits good to brighter colors like nude, rosé, mint... And makes a look more wild!
02. "Sweet Lilac": A light pink with an accent of purple. Makes the normal rosé look more 'grown-up', it's not that girly-like.
03. "Driftwood": A dark grey. Nothing more to say. :) Looks very good with "Starfish" (N°.07)!
04. "Margarita": A pale, kind of olive green mixed with white. It looks good, when you combine it with dark blue shades!
05. "Bellflower": A beautiful new violet, can be used as a contrasting color for "Tangerine Tango" (See color N°.10)!
06. "Sodalite Blue": Very clear, dark blue, looks good for example with "Margarita" or "Tangerine Tango"! I wonder, how the name is pronounced :)
07. "Starfish": A kind of new brown, mixed with white, grey and a bit of sand in my opinion. I personally think, it looks somehow like sand...a bit browner.
08. "Dazzling Blue": A blue with a blue-tiful name :) Even though it doesn't seen so dazzling, shiny at first.
09. "Vintage Khaki": A grey with a little accent of green/brown.
10. "Tangerine Tango": A beautiful, powerful orange, used as a co-color for sand and grey-shades. Looks also good ith the strong color "Bellflower"!
11. "Cockatoo": Not the bird (even though there can be a connection), but the color! A kind of mint (Lady Gaga told us, mint would be the new spring color!), which is more powerful, but not too flashy!
12. "Granita": A red purple mix, which reminds of pomegranates!
13. "Solar Power": As the name suggests, it's a sun-yellow. It's not that shiny, and it's mixed with a little drop of orange color!
14. "Hawaiian Ocean": A really powerful blue. Reminds of the Hawaiian Ocean, in general of oceans in the summer. An absolute summer shade!
15. "Grass Green": In my opinion it doesn't look exactly like grass. But I like it, because it's not a 'usual' green!
16. "Cabaret": A very intense, powerful pink. It's a new, even stronger variant of "Honeysuckle"! I love it!

My favorite shades in SS 2012 are: Tangerine Tango, Cockatoo, Hawaiian Ocean, Cabaret and Tradewinds! They look really fashionable, modern, like... new!

Here are some runway photos from a few designers (I don't own any rights!)

Alexandre Plokhov SS12

Carlos Miele SS12

Diane von Fürstenberg SS12

Diane von Fürstenberg SS12

Mulberry SS12

Ellie Saab SS12

Roland Mouret SS12

Versace SS12

Yigal Azrouel SS12

Burberry Prorsum SS12

Ellie Saab SS12

Ferragamo SS12

Ferragamo SS12

Marchesa SS12

Christian Siriano SS12

Jill Stuart SS12

Nanette Lepore SS12
And last but not least... ;)
Calvin Klein Underwear Compaign SS12

xoxo Agnes


  1. Love these amazing colors :)
    Really nice for spring 2012 !!!

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    1. Thank you, darling! I love you! ♥


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