May 14, 2012

Be fashi♂nable

I already wrote a "Be fashionable"-post for women, so here is one for men!

I really like that outfit! Blue sunglasses (the ones in the picture are by Oakley, the color should fit to the jeans), a red checked shirt (I love such shirts, they look really amazing!), a black leather belt (the one in the picture above is by Louis Vuitton), blue denim trousers which should be very tight (the ones above are by Levi's) and black leather sneakers which suit to the belt (those in the picture are by Louboutin, I think, don't know it anymore). It looks amazing, doesn't it? I love it! You can choose other brands, of course, and other colors, but the colors should match! So feel free to comment on this post and tell me your opinion about this outfit! :) Hope you guys like it!
xoxo Agnes

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