August 25, 2011

Nail Polish - Summer ♥


One of my favorite nail polish colors in summer is lavender, because it looks sooo good on tanned skin! And lavender is one of my favorite colors, too! Everytime I paint my nails with lavender nail polish, I'm just so obsessed with them!! Lavender is just ahhh! :)


I love Lady Gaga's blood red nails she has for example in the Judas video. They look really amazing! Anyway, dark red nails are truely magnificent *___*


Have you ever seen nails painted with white nail polish or a nail whitener on sun tanned skin? I just can say it's an eyecatcher! The nails look healthier and just pretty! I love white nails! :)

I do not own any rights to these pictures (source: google images)!
I will show you more next time! 

xoxo Agnes

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