July 30, 2011

Men's Fashion by Louis Vuitton

Men, pay attention to this post! ;)
It's about a month ago since I saw this collection by Louis Vuitton. I show you my faves from the Spring/Summer 2012 Men's collection below! The fashion is great (that's typical for LV!) and the male models are looking great!
Look No.1 is nice, not the best one but I love the sunglasses and the trousers. The jacket is too normal for me and it's not nice-looking eighter.
The second look is really great. The jacket, shirt, trousers, sunglasses and the tie fit together! I would wear this outfit if I were a man. It looks elegant and gorgeous at the same time! Well, if you wear this at a date (with me), you would get plus points from me! ;)
The third picture shows an amazing outfit, which I would rather wear at home or when you're at a friends house, but it's nothing real for going out I think. But it looks good and comfortable, so if you want to chill just put this outfit on and you'll look great :D
The fourth outfit is good for warm days when you e.g. go out shopping with your girlfriend or when you're visiting big cities like Rome, Milan, San Francisco, etc.!
On the fifth picture you see a pretty outfit when you travel in the spring because it's not a warm outfit, but with the jacket on you can also be outside without freezing when there's no sun up on the sky. And of course you can put your stuff in the suitcase bag! (By the way, the model looks really hot! :D)
The next look reminds me of outfits worn at ships (maybe it reminds me of this because the clothes are navy blue, white and sth looking like golden). And I like the shoes, my favorites I think!
The seventh outfit is my favorite! The whole look is perfect! It's not even bad that there's no tie. It looks elegant, neat, nice, fine but not too serious. Love it!
And the last picture shows a neat look you can wear in summer. The shoes are simple as well as the t-shirt and the shorts. The "eye catcher" is the belt. Well done!

xoxo Agnes ♥


  1. Those suits are very fashionable! I also like the design. But my favorite is the black suit. Anyways your blog is great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you a lot for your opinion! And also thank you for liking my blog, very nice!
    You are very welcome!


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