July 29, 2011

Lips ♥

I want to show you some special "lip-art" pictures, some will be from fashion designer shows, like the ones by Vivienne Westwood and DSQUARED2, others will be from the internet (I do not own any rights to these pictures!), as well as some showing celebrities!

        The first picture, as you can see, shows Rihanna with wonderful dark red lips, which really suit to her hair and to her earrings. The second one (the 2in1 picture) shows the makeup by DSQUARED2. In both photos there are red lips and smokey eyes. The left picture is in my opinion sth for the evening when you go out on a date or to a party and the right one looks more like a day makeup. The next picture (left) is fancy, so I wouldn't assume you to wear it at day! And also this looks a bit like Lady GaGa's lips in "Paparazzi". On the right you can see black lips. I have to confess, I like this look, but I rather won't try it because it's really extraterrestrial! The picture below shows six different crazy possibilities to paint your lips like. My favorite one is the right in the middle. And yours? ;) Under that one I've put another photo with Rihanna on, because those lips look amazing, too! It's not one of the latest pictures or even looks by Rihanna, but the dark lilac lipgloss is an eye catcher! Rihanna looks great! The penultimate picture shows a makeup look by Vivienne Westwood. The models on the runway are all painted that crazy as this girl and I think it looks fantastic. Well, it's not a look to wear outdoors! But I like the idea and those lips. They are kind of saying "Nobody's perfect" :) And last but not least the cover of Selena Gomez' "Kiss & Tell". She has rhinestones in a heart shape on her lips and that's lip art. I love this look!
        I hope you also like a few makeup looks I've shown here. You can tell me in a comment which one is your favorite and maybe which pictures you want me to show here, too!
        xoxo Agnes

        (sources: Google, Tumblr, ...)

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